Face Games for Autism

Mood Reading Flash Cards & Simple Activities.



Video shows Apple iPad version

Face Games is a collection of basic mood reading activities designed for children and young people with ASD.

30 photoreal face models of both genders, a range of ages and several ethnicities are used to demonstrate eight stereotypical facial expressions.

Games have several levels and are based on simple visual drills and formats - Memory Pairs, Find the Odd One Out and a Flash Card Quiz.

Parent Friendly

No adverts. No in-app purchases.

Apple VPP Supported

Generous discounts for education purchasing

Simple Activities

Suitable for all abilities and ages

Version 1.3

HD Graphics

240 high resolution faces from 30 different photoreal models.

iOS 8 Ready

32-Bit and 64-Bit versions of the app are available.

Recording and Assessment

Detailed records of activities are stored for assessment and progress reporting.



The Face Games for Autism app does not collect or access personal data. Activity reports are only saved to your device or your personal iCloud account.


Printable (600dpi) PDF documents with matching cards and visual aids to support the app and for use in wider teaching and learning. These resources are free to use for home and educational purposes, there is no requirement to buy the app, but please consider supporting future development by doing so!

Printable Resources are licensed under Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 4.0.